G.E.L is a promising project in the field of covered crops, green house agriculture in addition to establishing the first of its kind “the New Erbil Food Distribution Center” which includes:

  • Stores and marketing of fields of fresh vegetables
  • Stores and marketing of fresh and dry food
  • Stores and a logistical foundation for marketing agricultural
  • Cold storages
  • A significant amount of area dedicated to the sale and trade
    of watermelon
  • Horticulture – High-tech greenhouses
  • Offices dedicated to the crop trade, especially to local crops
  • Research and Development Center

We aim to spread the modern greenhouse culture to increase the productivity of farming lands in Iraq through

  1. Production and cultivation of the finest seeds
  2. Scientific innovations in agriculture; using technology and advanced devices
  3. Crop production by using technology and advanced equipment
  4. Transport, preservation and storage in a modern, healthy and same manner
  5. Marketing as fast as possible while keeping prices low
  6. Complement the production cycle from the farm to the table of consumer goods

Increase the method of progress and development of local crops through facilities and trainings for farmers.