Premium Nutrition Co. distribute Primalac baby products

The company has today 75 employees, its head office is located in Erbil while the operations building is in the capital of Iraq “Baghdad”.

Premium Nutrition Primalac baby’s formula operations comprise All Iraq cities, & it is the market leader in the field of medical & regular formula of Primalac brand in Iraq.

Today Premium Nutrition Co. introduce a high-quality product, good price and rapid action with a high Pediatricians Recommendation, which give our customers the best feeling of insurance that their lovely babies with safe products

Premium Nutrition Has a many distribution channels in addition to delivery Systems to reach clients and customers everywhere in the country with a vision to Increase the distribution channels, leading its products Quality to the Maximum, increase its lines to coverage all babies needs.

Products which include:


  • Primalac Baby formula
  • Primalac Cereal
  • Primalac Baby Food

In addition to convert its classification from the one of the Market Leader of the babies Products, Premium Nutrition aims to be the Company Number One in the Iraqi Market.